Thursday, July 3, 2008

Los Angeles Green Line

Much of the Los Angeles Metro Green Line is in the median of the I-105 freeway, built at the same time. Here is a train at the Long Beach Boulevard station (12/07). Waiting here is VERY LOUD.

After the Aviation station (two miles from LAX, connected only by airport shuttle bus) the line curves south of the freeway (03/03).

Unique among modern U.S. light rail lines, it is entirely grade-separated because it was originally planned for automated operation.

Here is the aerial guideway and station along Nash Street at Mariposa Avenue in El Segundo (03/03).

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Landscaping and path beneath the aerial structure (03/03).

Passing Mattel's headquarters and other office buildings at Grand Avenue in El Segundo (03/03).

Entrance to the aerial station at El Segundo Boulevard (03/03).

A new light rail bridge and older BNSF Railroad truss bridge diagonally cross the intersection of Aviation Boulevard and Rosecrans Avenue (04/03).

The current terminus is at Marine Avenue (04/03). It's a long way up to that platform!

Future extensions south, north to LAX, and east to Norwalk Metrolink are in Metro's Long Range Transportation Plan. More at Friends of the Green Line.

The 20-mile Green Line (map source) opened in 1995 for a cost of $718M. Recent ridership has been around 39,000 average weekday boardings.

Weekday peak headways are 7-8 minutes; middays and weekends are 15 minutes; nights are 20 minutes.

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