Sunday, July 13, 2008

Portland Westside MAX

Looking west on S.W. Jefferson Street from S.W. 18th Avenue, leaving downtown Portland, while the line was still under construction. The eastern portal for the tunnel below Washington Park is just past the high bridge (7/96; other photos 7/00).

Tracks pass a pond as it curves away from the freeway toward downtown Beaverton. The first major expansion of Portland MAX, the Westside line to Hillsboro opened in 1998.

The station at Orenco Station, one of the new housing developments planned around this line.

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Mixed-use and cottage houses are located close to the station in the New Urbanist development of Orenco Station, "Named by the National Association of Home Builders as 'America’s Community of the Year' in 1999."

This is a good example of landscaped parkways (the strip between the sidewalk and street) in limited space on S.E. Washington Street in Hillsboro, after the tracks transition from private right-of-way to street median.

Note the trees on this station platform in Hillsboro on S.E. Washington Street.

The terminus in Hillsboro shows an older high-floor car (center) and newer low-floor cars.

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