Sunday, July 20, 2008

Phoenix construction

These May 2008 guest photos show the northern end of Phoenix Valley Metro light rail construction.

The northern terminus station on 19th Street, looking south toward Camelback Road, is typical of a median station.

This 19.6 mile line is mostly at-grade in boulevard medians. It is scheduled to open in December 2008.

Here the median tracks on Camelback Road pass Osborn Middle School (far right) at 11th Avenue, looking east.

Another view of Osborn Middle School, looking west. Camelback Road with its median tracks is on far right.

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This sculpture marks the turn (left) toward Central Avenue from Camelback Road (center-right), looking west.

The Central Avenue / Camelback Station is on this short diagonal between Camelback and Central (looking southeast).

A signal-controlled pedestrian crossing is in front of Central High School, on Central Avenue south of Camelback Road

These two test train photos farther south on the line are from Valley Metro. "Three-car train at the Priest and Washington Street Station."

"Vehicle being tested in Tempe near the Mill Avenue and 3rd St. station."

This and more detailed maps are at Valley Metro.

The project is expected to serve 49,900 daily riders in 2020.
Total cost is $1,412.12 million, including federal New Starts share of $587.20 million.

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